Nehemiah + Chaqueta Engagement Session – Birmingham, AL

Nehemiah + Chaqueta Engagement Session – Birmingham, AL

Here is an awesome portrait session-turned engagement with Nehemiah & Chaqueta in Birmingham, Alabama.  This was the greatest mini-shoot/surprise engagement/haunted adventure ever!  The day started off great, I was to meet Nehemiah & Chaqueta at Sloss Furnace for a portrait session in which he was going to propose and then I would be off to a rehearsal for a wedding I was to capture the next day.

Upon entering the location for the shoot, Nehemiah barely gave me the opportunity to pull my camera out before he started to propose to the love of his life.  With a few quick snaps of the proposal, we began to capture images indoors and under covered areas as it began to rain.  We noted that several people were walking around and taking photos of the property, as it was close to closing time.

While indoors, there was a great gust of wind and one of the doors slammed shut, loudly I might add!  I made the comment that this area is said to be haunted and I didn’t plan to be here long!  We captured a few more images and proceeded to leave, only to find that everyone left and we’d been locked in this property with seemingly no way out!  No one was answering the phone, and the gates were locked with padlocks.  Thoughts of being forced to miss the rehearsal for the other wedding and having to stay in this “haunted” location over night rushed through my mind.  I made calls to friends in our local police force to see what we should do, and fortunately Nehemiah found a gate which opened just wide enough to fit our cars through with mirrors folded in.  All it took was a 5-point turn and we were free!

I’m very happy for Nehemiah & Chaqueta, but, let’s just say I’ll never do another session there close to closing time!





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